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TAT rolls out new QR code for travellers

The agency is working with Samart Digital Media Co to create a new travel application called Trippointz that enables tourists to obtain information and plan their holidays. The application features attractive destinations, hotel rooms and restaurants, mostly in 55 secondary provinces promoted as new destinations by the TAT. This move is aimed at encouraging locals and tourists to travel to secondary provinces. It will be more convenient for tourists to use the app when going to small provinces, Mr Yuthasak said. He said the app also features a QR payment code that tourists can use to purchase services without cash. The QR code in Trippointz can be used at over 6,000 locations but may not cover all services across all 55 provinces. However, the app's usage will be extended to cover all 55 secondary provinces by early 2019, he said. Tourists using the application will be able to get price points that they can redeem from TAT and Samart Digital Media. Under Amazing Thailand Go Local, the TAT expects to see 10 million people travel to localities in 55 provinces this year and generate 10 billion baht in income for communities. The campaign will also help boost overall domestic tourism income, which TAT has targeted at 1.3 trillion baht for this year.

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